Debt Collection

Since 1997 we have designed the CTCollect Banking Collection Solution, which supports all debt collection strategies and activities

Property Research

Since 2011, we have developed a real estate investigation management platform, which complements our product range in the area of ​​overdue debt collection

Bailiff Support

Through our platform,, we provide the necessary tools to bailiffs, but also to law firms, to accelerate their difficult and arduous work

Flow Scheduling & Tracking

Our flow planning and monitoring solution, provides many different and useful tools for industries and crafts, to organize and monitor their production

Welcome To CompuCare

Since the inception of CompuCare, we have invested in continuous education to enrich the knowledge and experience of our human resources. We believe that new knowledge and continuous expertise, in the areas we have focused on, always bring better results.

Our IT expertise

We improve the quality of our products and services, so that you always get the best results, from using them. This is a core value for our company and we always try to follow it faithfully.

Our Solutions

CompuCare Products

Utilise out Top-Notch Technologies and Experience to pursue success

  • Banking, Recovery, Commercial and Medical dept collection
  • E-Justice
  • Scorecard – Strategy
  • Propery Research
  • Flow Scheduling & Tracking

New producst and Services

  • e-justice Intrum Assignments
  • Easy OCR Tool Pro