Sectors we serve

CompuCare holds a strong presence in key sectors our clients work in.


For more than years CompuCare has been developing systems for the Banking sector. Most of the solutions we have installed in banks concern labour-intensive sectors, like loans (LOS), overdue debt obligations (Debt Collection), treasury department's collections and more (Payments). Our solutions aim to achieve a perfect combination of increased productivity and efficiency of the banking department concerned.

Law Firms

Since 2007, we have installed solutions in several major law firms and we have, thus, automatized their daily tasks. The complexity of a law firm's tasks along with the urgency to meet the deadlines is one of the biggest problems that employees have to deal with. Our solutions offer a variety of tools that make such tasks mere daily workings, with apparent results in increasing productivity and improving the quality of the law firm's services.

Insurance Companies

In the current difficult and demanding conditions of the insurance market, CompuCare provides a range of products and services ,which are an important tool for every insurance company . The digitization of the documents used by the insurance company, the customer management with all their special characteristics, the development of new products as well as their distribution to our current and new customers and finally, the creation of a portal are some of our provided solutions in the specific industry .


The study- the analysis and creation of solutions in the sector of industrial development, is a seperate department in our company with a workforce of high expertise in the subject area. Additionaly, our collaboration with some of the leading companies in the field of control and automation, fully establishes the efficiency of the products we develop. Nowadays, more often than not, industries can have several networks working simultaneously, so making them co-operate with one another, in order to increase productivity is one of the most difficult tasks. The creation of a single protocol for transmitting information from point A to point B Ethernet and TCP / IP, in perfect combination with the solution we develop, is the prototype we insert in the solutions we develop.

Call Centers

Our CTCollect CRM Platform is the most complete platform for communication centers for the promotive actions concerning products. The use of the electronic list and the action codes, in combination with the intergrated dialer achieve impressive results in increasing the empoyees' productivity. The support of many different products, during the campaigns that the manager creates, is one of the most valuable tools that our platform provides. The great numbers of customers that the platform manages and the recording of the full history and personal traits for every one of them are the spearhead of developing high quality promotive actions.