Everything should be made as simple as possible.
But not simpler.
Albert Einstein

We make IT Simple

We care about the IT needs of your bussiness

We develop custom applications that are focused on boosting your company's productivity while covering every one of your needs. Our expertise in a wide range of database designs , internet and intranet services , large data handling and many more sectors, make sure of the best outcome possible.


  1. We created the first submarine connection in the Isthmus of Corinth and at the same time we developed a complete computerized management system for documented passage of all ships.

  2. We developed an order reception system, using handy terminal which exchanges data with AS/400 ,for Coca Cola Hellenic

  3. We created a Blood Donation System for the ''Aglaia Kyriakou'' Hospital which was connected to the Hematological analyst, for data collection of operation results

  4. CompuCare developes and installs a fully functional first of its kind Debt Collection System, on behalf of EUROBANK EFG

  5. CompuCare developes and installs a fully functional Debt Collection System, on behalf of BANK OF CYPRUS

  6. Compucare creates a complete LOS (Loan Origination System) on behalf of Consumer Assets (Car loans) , management department of Citibank NA

  7. Development of I_CTCenter ( Predictive Dialing , Power Dialing, I.V.R) on behalf of Europe Matrix S.A

  8. Development of a dexterity system designed for BP HELLAS S.A 's personnel

  9. CompuCare creates a complete CRM sales support system on behalf of BMW Hellas S.A

  10. Development of fully functional CRM system for Centronet Group (now BFS Group )

  11. Installation of our LOS system to ALPHA BANK S.A's car loan managing department

  12. Installation of our CTCollect platform to EUROPAIKI PISTI

  13. Installation of our CTCollect platform to XRISOS ODIGOS

  14. Installation of our CTCollect platform to IASO A.E

  15. Compucare developes a complete fully functional DMS system (document management system )

  16. Installation of our Scan Docs platform to VW BANK

  17. Development of CCFlex ERP platform on behalf of ZERVAS Bakery .

  18. Installation of our CTCollect CRM Platform to VW Bank

  19. Development of e_Auctions system on behalf of VW Bank

  20. Installation of our ICR ERP Suite to ICR IOANNOU AEBE

  21. Compucare undertakes Eurolife ERB's Data Cleansing procedure as well as the development of Web Services that will enable the flexible and smooth communication between the sub-systems .

  22. Compucare develops a new and complete CRM Platform for one of the most known Broker Insurance Companies, CITY Brokers SA.

  23. CompuCare developes an integrated mediation management platform for Onomis Mediation. The platform supports all the actions, whose begin from the assignement of the portofolio until the closure of the case . The flow of work , provides for the following steps : Assign – Insert Portofolio in the System Stydy – Processing Operation of main Procedures Final Stage Agreement Execution

  24. CompuCare undertook the project of installation for CtCollect Dept Platform for the law office of Spirou C. Tsafara & Partners . This Office is from the oldest of industry, with huge experience at management of overdue depts..The installation support all the actions , so Soft Collection as Hard until the execution of all judicial proceedings.As part of the installation, is the integration with the Quattro telecommunication platform. The purpose of Quattro software is to gather all of the excellent services of a pure IP telephone system in combination with a powerful Cti.


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