CompuCare was established on the 14th of September in 1989 .Through all these years , the goal remains the same . Development of tailor made application software , for every one of our clients depending on their individual needs . For years Compucare remains at the forefront of the debt collection market , testament to which is the largely extensive installation of our application software at banks, collection agencies, leasing agencies, insurance companies, large law firms and other businesses.


It is fully depicted in a single quote : "Be Content with the present, but seek after what is best" Isocrates (436-338 BC) , which at the dawn of the 3rd decade of active and responsible presence in the computer technology market, remains the beacon of our route of development in Greece as well as in S. E. Europe.


The development of innovative software solutions, using the latest technologies the international market has to offer, and the tireless support for every product we install.
The absolute adaptation of each installation due to their tailor made design. This is the main characteristic of each solution CompuCare designs throughout the years .
To provide our customers with design and system support that fully serves their needs while facing zero obstacles.
The constant scientific and technological training of CompuCare's staff and the investment in cutting edge technologies constitute the best insurance that every enterprise needs in order to invest in our products.


CompuCare offer’s opportunities for careers, co-operation and more, to anyone seeking a youthful and modern working environment with opportunities for developing the skills and vision of the evolution of the labor sector. Continuous training in new technologies and infrastructure is a very important area where CompuCare continually invests. If you are interested in joining our team then complete our application form.